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Is it time for a change with new pairings

There is always room for “motion” with your wardrobe.  There are many factors that come into play to create that motion.  You may have a change in your career therefore your “look” needs to reflect your new position.  A move to another climate increases the necessity to dress appropriate for the Seasons.  As you age…gracefully of course…age appropriate dress creates a shake up in your styles.  Or…its simply fun to tweak your look and make it fresh again.

I just returned from visiting my mom…on her 93rd birthday.  I encountered most of the above criteria for change with that one visit.  First and foremost…my mom’s wardrobe needed updating because of her size change.  She was my model for 26 years so has a “full” closet.  However…with age and becoming even “more petite”…she needed some remakes of her favorite pieces.  (A great thing to keep in mind for your favorite pieces that simply needing freshening…I am happy to show you the possibilities!)

Let’s not forget the weather…January in Minnesota!  The following picture is the window in her living room facing the lake the day I arrived…brrrrr!

Ice crystals on a window show the winter season

I…needless to say simply donned everything I brought with me…really!  Also…I’m always intrigued with how differently the varying parts of the country have a different “look” from each other.  When I lived in Hawaii I could always guess…with quite a bit of accuracy…what part of the country the visitors were from…the East to the Midwest…to the South.  (The black socks with the sandals were a dead give away!)

My previous blog discussed the New Year/New Look concept.  It is interesting to explore the reasons for checking in with your wardrobe to make sure it still makes you smile!

My client Suzan Bolski wearing her favorite Ponte top!

As I have always maintained…your wardrobe should be working for you…not the other way around!


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