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Cool Summer Look

Summertime and the fashion is easy…and should be fun! As the temps warm up we need to cool down…and there are a lot of ways to accomplish this while being cool and comfortable. There is no need…in the effort to look well dressed in the heat (whether for business or pleasure)…one gives up comfort.

Simple summer dresses come to mind as they allow us to enjoy the gentle breezes as well as looking “pretty”. One of my Designers Club members popped in the studio yesterday doing exactly that…looking comfy and pretty even with the warm humid day. While I have seen her mostly in pants…her dress was perfect for the day!

Dresses are still in fashion


Another direction is a palazzo pant and knit tee…good for a multitude of occasions. I am making the pant in breezy silks, cool cottons and rayons that drape beautifully. 

Seams Fashionable about palazzo Pants


We should not forget a simple skirt to replace the ever-present pant. Depending on the design you are most happy with…be it a short cotton pencil skirt or a flowing flared skirt at tea length. Both are excellent with flats and look quite chic!

Another thing to always keep in mind…make use of what is in your wardrobe. A piece may just need a bit of tweaking to make it work for the Summer heat…or pair it with a piece that transitions it to the months ahead. Remember our discussion of “pairings” of few months ago. Changing the combination of pieces makes everything new again.

Now that we have accomplished cool…calm…and collected you are invited to my studio for a refreshing sip to help me celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Seams Fashionable that occurs this September. It is so very interesting to look back on how much has changed in fashion from 1976…and then again how much has stayed current. My aim throughout the many years has always been to keep things fresh and new…all the while making sure my designs stay timeless…an interesting challenge!

Another event that happens this September is the 1 year Anniversary of the Designers Club. I sincerely thank my members for participating in this fun and innovative concept…one that allows your wardrobe to “work for you”…as it should! You have made it the success that it is and I look forward to designing with you in the year to come! I have a special “thank you” for my members when they are next in my studio.

I look forward to seeing you soon…whether it is your first studio visit or your umpteenth! Enjoying champagne with clients

What piece of clothing can you not find?