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Seams Fashionable Welcomes Autumn

Seams Fashionable welcomes our favorite season…Autumn!

This has always been my favorite month of the year…October.  All of my trips abroad have always been in October because no matter where you travel…the weather in October is fabulous!  The benefits I enjoyed are less people…cool nights and warm days.  However…there is more to love then just these things…I love the fabrics!

I just received shipment of some amazing Fall pieces and they are especially fabulous this year.  The reason being they came from a private stock of Italian goods…that are almost impossible to find anymore.  I have wonderful wool crepe in a myriad of colors…great (washable) transitional pieces that drape and are very flattering…plus lightweight suitings that are perfect for mixing and matching.  As always…these fabrics travel beautifully and do not wrinkle.  Another aspect I always keep in mind when designing is that the pieces can be “dressed up or dressed down” as that gives you a much wider range of wearability.  And these fabrics certainly deliver that benefit.  

Following a hot and sticky summer (I know we live in San Diego and are not supposed to complain about the weather…but I will anyway…) I am especially looking forward to a change of seasons!  

Also…for those that know me well…there are other exciting “desert excursions” that begin in earnest in the Autumn Season.  (We all need a respite from our careers…and this is mine!)  What’s not to love about the Fall???

I must mention (and love) that the Designers Club is coming into its own and it is very exciting for me to be able to offer this opportunity to my clientele!  As I describe the above fabrications…one of the many benefits for members is first take on the new (limited yardage) fabrics.  It continues along the line of one-of-a-kind which has always been my business model.  After all…we are all one-of-a-kind and should look like it!

Colorful bird dressed well

Something very exciting will be coming next month regarding the Designers Club…so I will leave you with that to ponder!  

Now go out and enjoy the changing leaves!

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