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Dress Sketch


The Seams Fashionable Studio has been busy designing dresses. It is definitely a sign of Spring…and the wedding season. I do not design the “traditional” look for weddings as I do not carry those fabrications. However when the desire is to be elegant and classic…I am on board and excited to be involved. I love being able to “deliver” on their dream of having a dress created for this special event that is their “individual” look.

This season seems to bring out the “dress” in people. I am so pleased that I am seeing the desire for so many of my new and past clients wanting to once again don a dress. The late seventies and through the eighties…it was all about dresses.

The fun with dresses is the range they provide.

Think individual…

Wearing Dresses

Think versatile…Think “out of the box” unique…

Those can all be accomplished with a simple dress design.

I get so many compliments on my unusual short dress (long tunic) over a crop legging for my attire in the studio. For me it is functional (and quick to put together!) I can move about comfortably…work…and change up when the temperatures change (which is very often lately!)

I cannot help but notice what women are wearing…obviously…and in Carlsbad Village there is a preponderance of dresses passing through my studio.

No matter what your body type…there is a dress for you. Lengths can be anything…really.

As with any garment…wear what you like…what suits you…and most importantly what makes you smile!

Remember…think “out of the box”…if you love a two piece effect…it can be a dress. A casual summer look…perfect in a long light flared skirt with a cotton tee. Business can be attended to in a short skirt and coordinating (long length) short sleeve jacket. Evening is definitely about fun…and dresses!

What ever your occasion…give a dress a nod.

It will make you smile!Dresses are young and fresh

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