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Seams Fashionable Launches the Designers Club

If you’ve been paying attention I’ve been teasing you these past couple of months about something new and exciting that I am launching…

Most women think they can’t afford to have custom clothing designed just for them…they think it is something that only the wealthy enjoy…well think again!

The Designers Club……a long time coming…has finally arrived.  It is very exciting to be able to offer a private membership Designers Club to my clientele and to those who have been wanting to experience custom clothing.  It has always been a goal for Seams Fashionable to be more accessible…especially to women in business. They have always been my focus as they have a definite need for quality clothing…as it is an investment in their business.  As you work as experts in your respective fields…I can take the stress out of managing your wardrobe.  

The Designers Club is making quality custom clothing design affordable for everyone!

 By joining the Designers Club you can have a new custom garment or outfit every month or every other month…depending on your membership level.  You can plan your wardrobe of quality clothing that will last for years…and design your outfits to complement each other so you can mix and match everything in your closet.  

Not only will you

  • look and feel fabulous and have less clutter in your closet 
  • you will have more to wear
  • save hundreds of dollars when compared to buying off the rack
  • …and have exclusive designs made only for you

100% of your fee goes towards your clothing…plus you save 10% on every piece I design for you.  You also get VIP invitations to special showings and trunk shows.  In addition…you will have early notice of (limited) special fabric arrivals.

I have three levels of memberships to choose from:

  • The Style Club which gets you a new custom designed piece every other month
  • The Fashion Club which gets you a new custom designed piece every month
  • The Designers Club which get you a new outfit every month

Membership starts at just $100 per month…so now everyone can afford my custom designed clothing made just for them.

When you join we will schedule your first studio visit where you can choose some fabrics you like…we will do a private measurement fitting and select your first piece that you want me to design for you.  You will have your first piece in 4-6 weeks no matter which level you choose.  

All Designer Club members will receive a custom Seams Fashionable Tote!


Women enjoying their clothes



One more thing…those who sign up by September 22nd (my birthday!) will receive a free custom Tee…any fabric and designed just for you!

To join or learn more…call me at 858-344-2644


Seams Fashionable Launch Party for Designers Club
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