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Enjoying champagne with clients on anniversaries

We are celebrating anniversaries at Seams Fashionable…and on the home front. There are many areas in our lives that call for anniversary celebrations…may they be for relationships…work related…even the location of where we live. (Reunions are based on anniversaries of sort…) Some are big some are small…and some are lifetime occasions.  They call for a variety of fanfare…and of course a variety of wardrobe needs.  Recently I have been inundated with “special occasion” orders…all which vary greatly and make my custom work even more interesting!  

I am celebrating a wedding anniversary this month and this is how it will look…

Laurie and Jaeger enjoying the water in the High Sierras.

As you can see the attire may not be the same as another’s for the same celebration!  That’s where the “custom” part comes in…

Another celebration coming in 2016 is the 40th year Anniversary of Seams Fashionable!  (I started very very young…of course…) We are thinking of something special for that later in the year so stay tuned in…

One of the things I help my clients with is showing the huge range of options available for these events. They do not have to be grandiose (or they can be)…sometimes just tweaking what they already have in the wardrobe fits the bill.  The goal is to make you feel special…something “old” made new again can easily work nicely. What you wear has so much to do with how you feel. I love the comment from one of my clients: “It’s not how you look in Laurie’s designs it is how you feel in them!”  That pretty much sums it up. You don’t want to engage in a special occasion without feeling…special!  

The other aspect that I address is the usefulness of the design after the event. This I think is of paramount importance…not just from a monetary position…but from a comment sense one. Nothing should be worn once and find themselves languishing in the closet for eternity. If it is not appropriate to wear “as is”…it can be redesigned to suit your needs. One of my most fun projects recently was a client brought me her mother’s honeymoon dress that was designed specifically for her.  The honeymoon was in Acapulco in the Fifties!  The fabric was an embroidered linen and a design not suited to my client but she wanted to wear her mother’s dress.  I took it apart and redesigned a dress that was exactly in my client’s style. She wore it to her mother’s 90th birthday…as a surprise! How cool was that? I loved that special project.  

So…make your next occasion super special by donning something new and perfectly made for you!

Colorful bird dressed well





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