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Looking for a piece of clothing that you find impossible to find? Can you get close but still not have it deliver? Has this one piece always been your nemesis?

This is something I hear often in my studio. ¬†Interestingly enough…it is always different for each client. One is looking for the perfect jacket that will go with everything. Another is looking for that versatile dress…the one for many occasions. Yet another wants the shirt that has the detail she has had in the past but is no longer “in vogue” therefore impossible to find.

Different clothing pieces


I love getting a new client walk into my studio and once she “gets” the possibilities my studio has to offer…says “I’ve always wanted (blank) but have never been able to find it…can I bring you a picture? This happened just yesterday and she is so excited to have “found” me and bring me the design and see the available fabric options.

Suzan/confidentExpressing who you are with your personality and your business needs is not readily available “off the rack”…for anyone! It is hugely important to “look like you” in your clothing…I know I have said it often…and will continue to do so. When you are comfortable in your clothing you exude confidence…a definite goal for which to strive…plus it feels good!


One of my pet peeves is that the retail market reflects the “trends” of the time…whether they are good…bad…or even ugly. When you make “off the rack” your only choice…you have no choice. One of the biggest challenges for my clients (before they come to me) is finding clothing age appropriate for themselves. They feel they are a forgotten entity…because they are! This has been getting to be more common as the years go on…appealing only to the very young adults. Ironically we are living longer…working longer…and looking better!

Where is that piece of clothing I simply cannot find?  

In my studio!

Laurie Sodetani, Seams Fashionable

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