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New Year…New Look…Better You!

Let’s mix it up a bit in our businesses in this New Year.   It’s easy to learn from our failures…don’t forget to learn from the successes as well.  Many times they are more telling…just more subtle and overlooked at their core.

The new look I’m proposing is not just in your individual style (even though it is more important than anything…) I am speaking to any and all aspects of your business.  It can be something as simple as the “look” of your workplace.  Change it up…move it around…freshen the appearance just for you.  Making it new for you will allow you to “see” it again.  Years ago I did a major remodel in my home where everything had to be moved out to facilitate the process.  When it was completed and I moved my treasured artwork back in…I put everything in a different place…allowing me to “see” them again.  I was truly astonished at the difference it made.

I have spoken many times about your individual style…keep that style…just tweak it to make it fresh again.  Do not change it…make it better.  There is a wow factor in looking more like “you” than your clients expect.  The investment in yourself in business always pays off…and who is more worth it?  You always feel as good as you look!  As I have said many times…you need to “look” your strength…your ability…and your success!  

This does not mean a huge investment..little things go a long way in fashion.  A new core piece can make all the difference as it works with what is already in your wardrobe.  A few key pieces that mix and match can hugely expand your choices so you look and feel great everyday.  It can be as simple as a fabulous accessory!  

When you put a new piece with something you already have…it all gets better and becomes a new look.  I do it all the time.  I will be wearing something I have had for years and pair it with something new…every time the comment is “Is that new?”.  The eye gets used to what it is used to…mix it up and it is all different…and new again!

Let’s start the New Year with an amazing New Look…New You!

Go for it!

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