Why Join?  

Most women think they can’t afford to have custom clothing designed just for them … they think it is something that only the wealthy enjoy … well think again!

My private Designers Club membership program makes quality custom clothing design affordable for everyone.

Imagine knowing that you could have a new custom garment or outfit every month or every other month …

You can plan your wardrobe of quality clothing that will last for years … and design your outfits to complement each other so you can mix and match everything in your closet.

Not only will you…

  • Look and feel fabulous and have less clutter in your closet
  • You will have more to wear
  • Save hundreds of dollars when compared to buying off the rack
  • Have exclusive designs made only for you.


I don’t like rules either! But there’s just a  few points we need to understand and agree to:

  1. Monthly payment is based on an monthly auto-pay by credit card
  2. If your credit card is declined, that will cost me a fee, you are responsible to cover that fee
  3. All membership fees will go towards your garments, there are no hidden costs
  4. You can cancel your membership at any time simply by calling or email
  5. Any balance remaining on your account at the time of cancellation will be applied as a credit towards your next piece and no refunds will be provided.
  6. While every effort will be made to get the fabrics you choose, please understand some specialty fabrics are not always available
  7. Some fabrics simply cost more! So if you choose a premium fabric that may affect the number of garments you get from your membership. Laurie will explain that to you at the time.
  8. I’m sure there’s other things I should add … but that’s enough for now! Let’s get back to fun and fashion!

What happens on my first visit? 

When you join we will schedule your first studio visit where you can choose some fabrics you like, we will do a private measurement fitting and select your first piece that you want me to design for you … you will have your first piece in 4-6 weeks no matter which level you choose.  All Designer Club members will receive a custom Seams Fashionable Tote!

When is the next Trunk Show or Event?

I hold trunk shows and events throughout the year depending on the season and demand, I will email you when I am planing my next one! Be sure to Like us on Facebook to be in the loop!

Have other questions?

Call me – I’ve got answers! 858-344-2644